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Our Team

Bobby Youngs

Founder, Creative and Strategy


Bobby Youngs is Canopy’s founder and serves as director of Creative and Strategy. He brings more than twenty-five years of in-depth advertising and media planning experience to each campaign.

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Wesley Greene

Managing Partner


Wesley Greene brings an entreprenurial mindset to everthing he does. He has a long and accomplished track record of launching cross-vertical, rapid-scale startups from idea to exit, including real estate, finance and environmentally sustainable blue technology.

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Devin O’Connor

Director, Digital Media and Operations


Devin is at the helm of optimization and campaign strategy for Canopy. She is passionate about creative thinking and taking a tactical approach to business intelligence and audience engagement.

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Adam Wilensky

Director of Marketing and Communications


Adam is Canopy’s Director of Marketing and Communications and brings decades of B2B and B2C marketing, branded content development and strategic business implementation to the table. Prior to joining Canopy, Adam worked closely with various advertising agencies on account management and trade shows.

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Liliana Guzman

Digital Strategist


Liliana is Canopy’s digital media strategist and is responsible for project management, data analysis and campaign optimization. She studied Marketing Innovation and Growth at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and has worked with CRM Management, data reporting and managing team improvement strategies.

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