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Welcome to the
Canopy IQ Podcast.

Each episode explores how the relentless drive to innovate is transforming the way we think and respond to the challenges of today’s senior care and longevity industries. The number of people aged 65 and over is estimated to reach more than 80 million by 2030, which means every aspect of society will need to adapt in order to meet the converging needs of our aging population.

The Canopy IQ podcast features expert voices from a wide range of disciplines whose contributions are helping inform our understanding of how business intelligence, entrepreneurship, marketing and data science are (re)shaping AgeTech in the 21st century.

Adam Wilensky
Director, MarCom at Canopy

About our Host

Adam oversees Canopy’s integrated marketing and communications strategy which includes emerging technology, content creation, strategic partnerships and new platform development.

Canopy launched the Canopy IQ podcast to provide established thought leaders and rising voices with a wideranging forum to share their knowledge, insights and goals in the senior care and AgeTech industries.

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