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Addressable Geofencing Delivers Leads To Fulfill New Development Requirements 

Nearly tripled conversions from 3000 to 8676
Averaged 1,200 monthly website visitors
Increase in impressions
Increase in clicks

“The value of our partnership with Canopy is beyond words. They’re not just consultants; they’re collaborators who thrive on data and approach every challenge with a strategic, ‘let’s get it done’ mindset.” Our Account Manager, Kayla is like having a strategic partner right in the trenches with us, helping us navigate the chaotic world of digital advertising with finesse and flair for every community. They don’t just meet our goals; they get them, understand them, and then knock them out of the park with solutions that feel custom-made. The confidence and trust Arrow has in Canopy is truly unmatched and forever appreciated.”

Nicole Rozsa, Managing Director of Marketing, Arrow Senior Living Management

The Canopy team focused on two key efforts to deliver a successful campaign for Arrow Senior Living.

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Step 1
  • First, the team leveraged smart bidding to increase the efficiency of ad spend.
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Step 2
  • Second, Canopy identified a measurable return on Ad Spend in order to prioritize actions that turn into qualified leads and help communities reach their occupancy rate goals.
Our result
  • By prioritizing efficient ad spend and identifying an ROA, Canopy increased conversion rates by 159% and saved $7.78 in return for every dollar spent.
  • In addition, Canopy was able to average a 778% Return on Ad Spend per community, increasing the number of qualified leads to their website.
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