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Building Community Awareness with Facebook Advertising

High-value Unique Clicks

Breaking through on Facebook is extremely challenging, but Canopy incorporated lookalike data and continuous campaign optimization to deliver nearly 45,000 ad impressions and approximately 1,400 unique clicks in less than a month.
Mike Moss, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Cypress Living

Steps to Solve the problem, or achieve the goal or objective
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Step 1
  • Identify the mobile device count required to achieve highly ambitious campaign KPIs.
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Step 2
  • Measure impressions, unique clicks and social engagement to determine the health of the campaign and optimize as needed.
Our result
  • Canopy delivered 4,581 Impressions, 1,365 Clicks and 1,389 high-value Unique Clicks.
  • Mobile engagement overperformed initial projections and delivered nearly 1,500 clicks in just 30 days.
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