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The Senior Living industry is constantly evolving. Whether it’s adopting new technology or transformative approaches to care, the industry isn’t stopping still and neither are we.

The Canopy team is focused on ensuring that we always operate transparently by keeping our partners up to date on the most important aspects of campaign performance. We offer some of the most competitive pricing available today because we are obsessed with cost efficiency. In fact, we don’t include any hidden costs or contracts.

Learn how Canopy’s omni-channel media strategies are tailor made to increase your market penetration, lead generation and occupancy rates.

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Hollie Walker – Vice President of Marketing, Arrow Senior Living Management

“The Canopy team is laser focused on growing our business at scale. Our account manager regularly provides us with actionable campaign insights using the most relevant conversion data points. Canopy is cost effective while remaining consistently focused on delivering high-converting strategies.”


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Digital Advertising can seem extremely complex and difficult to navigate if your’e attempting to do it on your own. However, initiating a Programmatic approach can simplify the overall process for everyone involved while also taking a leading role in achieving performance-based success.

The benefits of utilizing Programmatic Advertising with Canopy are straightforward: generate, nurture and convert high-quality leads that are actually interested in your community.

Our valued partners trust us to deliver flexible and precise advertising campaigns that are focused on increasing tours and phone calls. Canopy specializes in Senior Living, which is the reason we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

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Robin Visser – Director of Marketing and Digital Strategies, Christian Living Communities | Cappella Living Solutions

“The Canopy team is very responsive.  We frequently ask for more innovative and custom campaign ideas, and the team always comes back with great ideas that fit our target audience and we see the results.”

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