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Advanced Geofencing

Pinpoint only the most qualified leads


Get a bird’s eye view
on your audience.

As the saying goes, ‘Location is everything”, but what happens if you haven’t accurately located your most desirable prospects or identified what your competition is planning?

When used strategically, Geofencing can become one of the most cost-effective digital tools in your marketing arsenal and it’s why Canopy offers the most powerful location based marketing software available today. Geofencing Marketing utilizes a ‘virtual boundary’ to identify a physical location. When potential clients enter your pre-determined location, a variety of actions can take place including a mobile alert or programmatic advertisement.


Find the needle in the

When you want to target individual households and businesses with precision, Addressable Geofencing is an ideal solution. Each street address uploaded into our system is converted into a geofence, which enables the opportunity to target consumers at each of their individual physical address with pin-point accuracy.

A mailing list is one of your most valuable marketing resources. Geofencing Data Append adds email and phone numbers to a custom mailing list which enhances its value and efficiency. Having the most comprehensive data available is the ultimately the best way to increase response to your marketing campaigns.


Geofencing Advertising
with Canopy

Geofencing also enables you to serve ads to potential clients even after they’ve left your original geofence. In our experience, Geofencing often yields some of the most relevant results in an overall campaign including Clicks, Click-through Rate, and Cost-Per-Click. Learn more about why geofencing is a highly accurate and cost-effective solution to reach your clients where, and when they’re most likely to convert.

Canopy helped us deliver a highly impressive 0.17% CTR by combining advanced Geofencing and Programmatic display in what was a very challenging campaign. The results speak for themselves.

Andy Moderow, State Director - Alaska Wilderness League

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