SMASH is now officially a wrap. The annual “Senior Care’s Premiere Sales and Marketing Summit” concluded on Friday, October 20th after a week of inspiring presentations by many of our peers as well as talks by industry experts specializing in marketing, branding and sales.

Meeting with our peers and valued partners in the Senior Living industry and exchanging new ideas and hard-won perspectives on the seismic changes taking place in advertising technology is a core component of our company culture. When it comes to participating in tradeshows and summits, our preference has always been for a ‘face to face’ setting. However, like the vast majority of companies we have now shifted to an almost entirely virtual meeting process.

Going virtual didn’t in any way deterred us from embracing SMASH. Along with my peers, I gave a virtual ED Talk on Digital Strategies, which took place on Monday, Oct. 19th.

Rather than focus our ED Talk strictly on Canopy’s core capabilities, we opted to take a customer-centric approach by distilling what we’ve learned from Senior Living providers as they look for agency partnerships.

As a preface, I would like to point out that we believe there are three core planks to any successful digital strategy. These core planks are meant to be seen from the customer’s viewpoint:

  1. Regain Control of Your Online Marketing
  2. Know What’s Working (and What’s Not)
  3. Get More from Your Online Marketing Budget

These high-level observations may seem obvious at first glance, but if you dig deeper you will discover that many Senior Living marketers and providers share nearly identical frustrations. Those frustrations include the challenges of navigating a rapidly changing world which is increasingly reliant on a digital-first approach, near-constant pressure to succeed and the responsibility of managing a team. Furthermore, establishing exactly what stakeholders are looking for in a digital marketing partner can be elusive, especially during a pandemic and economic downturn.

The digital ecosystem is undergoing unprecedented upheaval and it’s coming from multiple places, each with its own set of unique requirements.

I am inherently optimistic, but I also rely on data to help me assess the big picture. I believe the big picture points towards an indisputable fact: High Potential Prospects are more accessible than ever before, if you have effective tools with which to reach them.

We believe that strategic partnerships pave the way to responsiveness, clarity and transparency. That’s why we work exclusively with some of the most respected and trusted resources in the Senior Living marketing world. Our partners include SenioROI, Impact Marketing and Lead InSite, among others. The benefits that come with collaborating with innovators in the Senior Living space are far too numerous to summarize in a blog post, but there is one key takeaway that I am happy to share:  harnessing complementary digital tools is now a requirement when providers need to focus on strategic outcomes.

Great tactics will never go out of style but adapting to a changing marketplace and fomenting significant innovation at scale can only be achieved through a strategic mindset. Strategy gets thrown out a lot in the marketing world. It’s a word that conveys clout, furrowed brows and late-night brainstorming sessions. For us, strategy requires genuine collaboration with best in class partners.

The Senior Living industry is at a crossroads. The events unfolding in 2020 will have long term ramifications for customers and providers alike. Simply put, a return to “normal” is unlikely in the near term. Many of the disruptions exposed by the pandemic were already underway, they simply accelerated in March of this year and show no sign of sudden, rapid realignment. As mentioned previously I am an optimist and I believe these challenges provide us with a unique opportunity to work smarter and to emerge from this crisis as more resilient companies and better people.

The Canopy process begins with a discovery call and a complimentary, custom strategic proposal tailored for your communities, large or small. Every proposal is driven by your primary market conditions and uses targeted market research to determine campaign scope and recommendations. 2020 may be a year of rapid scale change, but our commitment to our partners is unwavering.

2021 promises to be a year of new opportunities to do more with less. To reshape our outlook by focusing on our company culture and to find unique ways to address our top priorities and most importantly, our purpose.

We look forward to joining you on this journey.

Bobby Youngs
Founder, Canopy

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