Press enter to search, Esc to close. is designed to provide guidance for adult caregivers and spouses as they research care options for their loved ones

Consider your community’s unique advocate, helping caregivers with answers to new questions they are facing and guiding them to your client service team for help.

  • Conversion landing page thoughtfully designed to speak directly to the needs of the spouse or adult caregiver.
  • Search Engine Optimized experience to facilitate discovery by prospects searching for a local operator.
  • A fully integrated paid advertising campaign ensures that is discovered through relevant keyword searches, which potentially double the paid search advertising reach your community can command.
  • Branded, highly targeted display advertising targeting devices found at home addresses based on your sociodemographic targets in your primary market area.
  • Your community’s brand is front and center with social media campaigns targeting your most high-value prospects through their home addresses in your primary care market.
  • Custom Roobrik survey to providing insights to caregivers and increasing conversation rates for your community.
  • Packed with lead-generating information and conversion tools that direct 100% of your leads to your exclusive community.
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Own your local market with Veronica is an exclusive lead aggregator dedicated to one Assisted Living an/or Memory Care provider per 30-mile radius.

All leads generated through will be directed to your community. No longer will you be paying for leads distributed to the highest bidder!

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My veronica is your dedicated full-funnel solution

My Veronica is packed with industry-leading tools and features designed to ensure your most desirable future residents discover, interact and contact your community.

Pricing begins at just


with minimal setup and
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Contact and we’ll arrange for a discovery call to answer your questions and demonstrate how works for you exclusively in your primary market area.

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