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Implementing an Audience Targeting Plan

Total visits throughout the course of the event
Unique responders
After the event we captured 9,529 unique mobile device entering the conversion zone
A month after the event we captured 784 unique devices reaching designated dealerships
Steps to Solve the problem, or achieve the goal or objective
Step 1
  • Canopy created conversion zones around all the local dealerships we wanted to track.
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Step 2
  • Geofence the Washington Auto Show Event area.
Step 3
  • Pull the mobile device IDs of everyone who attended the event to create a pool of potential leads.
Step 4
  • Removed all Non-Unique devices to filter out event staff from the lead pool.
Step 5
  • After the event, we monitor how many of the unique mobile device IDs we saw at the event navigate to one of the conversion zones (dealerships) that we predefined.
Our Result

The Washington Auto Show now has more resources to help convince dealerships and vendors to participate in the event when planning for next year.

They also now know which dealerships they drive the most traffic/warm leads to and allows for greater strategic planning prior to future events.

This also provides them with a base line of driven conversions and their trajectory over time if they utilize Canopy’s services for their next event.

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