Canopy IQ™ Increases Website Conversions With High Potential Visitors

3 Stages of the Consumer Journey

Digital marketing excels at identifying consumer interest based on online behavior. The longer a consumer spends researching and considering a product or service, the greater the opportunity to discover their interest and accurately influence their decision-making process

Research and Consideration

Programmatic Display Advertising maximizes longer consideration phases for “highly-considered” goods and services by identifying, targeting and influencing consumers.
Many industries including automotive, senior living, travel, luxury goods, real estate and education benefit by marketing to High Potential Visitors.

Average Website Conversion
Rates Range from 2.5 – 4.5%

If a digital ad tactic delivers 100 visitors to your website, and just 2 to 4 contact you or make a purchase, how do you assess the quality of the remaining 96 or so potential consumers?
Consumers comparing highly considered purchases may visit your website and that of your competitors up to 10 times before contacting a business and making a purchase.

Time on Site


Pages Viewed


Content Read


Number of Visits


Multiple Sources


Conversion Model Match

Canopy analyses your website visitors and identifies which advertising tactic resulted in a visit to determine if they are High Potential Visitors.

High Potential Visitor Insights

Increased High Potential Visitors correlate with improved overall conversion rates.

Analyzing High Potential Visitor ratios provides valuable insights for website conversion optimization efforts.

Analyze and Optimize Geofencing and Social advertising tactics to improve performance and maximize ad budgets.

Learn about High Potential Visitor tracking and the Canopy advantage for your next Programmatic Display or Geofencing campaigns.