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Search Engine Marketing

Engage only the most relevant audience

Increase your reach.

Canopy has invested extensively in our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) capabilities in
order to better serve our clients. By partnering with us, you’ll gain a team of subject
matter experts who work tirelessly to strategize, serve, and optimize every SEM and SEO


The numbers speak for

One of Pay-per-Click’s (PPC) key benefits is that nearly any type of conversion goal can be tracked. With the right team of experts, PPC is an incredibly powerful tool for aligning website traffic to your business goals. The ability to reach consumers searching specifically for your products and services can often mean the difference between failure and success.


It’s all about discovery.

Site Retargeting allows for the opportunity to surface your brand to website visitors and can be designed so that specific website ads are targeted back to the user based on website page visits and content interaction.


SEM with Canopy

Search and Keyword Targeting is an invaluable tactic with a wide array of value-adding business growth opportunities including positive brand exposure, lead submission, sales enablement, and more. Learn how Canopy can help improve your brand visibility, optimize your budget, and drive measurable growth.

Partnering with Canopy yielded a significant and measurable increase in our previous Search and Keyword targeting strategy. In fact, we’ve expanded our month-to-month campaign scope.

Josh Lovelace, Director of Media Marketing - Times Citizen Communications

Learn about High Potential Prospect tracking and the
Canopy advantage for your next Programmatic Display or
Geofencing campaigns.

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