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Programmatic Advertising

Make every media dollar count
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Personalizing your display
is more critical
than ever.

With decades of hands-on experience, paid media is one of Canopy’s
foremost areas of expertise. Our team focuses on providing best-in-
class advertising performance at scale by integrating deep client
insights with advanced analytics.

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There’s no substitute for

Programmatic Advertising supports your objectives by hyper-targeting potential customers no matter where they are. In addition, mobile advertising is a highly effective way to serve personalized content to a desired audience and can be based on an individuals’ location, buying habits, browsing history, and more.

We tailor each campaign outcome based on specific criteria by offering a wide-range of tactics including Keyword Contextual Targeting, Category Contextual Targeting, Site Retargeting, CRM, email, Phone, and Physical Address Match Targeting.

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Programmatic Advertising with

We strive to make partnering with Canopy as frictionless as possible. That means you’re free to serve your prospects with highly targeted ad campaigns while avoiding the frustration of high monthly spend minimums and a lack of expertise.

A key campaign objective was to generate consistent foot traffic for The Hammock Shops Village from summer 2020 through January 2021, which was a major campaign challenge due to Covid. Canopy’s campaign strategy combined Geofencing and Site Retargeting which resulted in more than 2.5k conversions. The end results were exceptional.

Trevor Swenson, Marketing Director - Hammock Shops Village

Learn about High Potential Prospect tracking and the
Canopy advantage for your next Programmatic Display or
Geofencing campaigns.

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