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Digital Marketing Elevates
Your Online Presence.

Many Businesses Need Help To Stand Out In The Crowded Digital Marketplace.
Without Proper Visibility, Competitors Will Capitalize On Customers Searching For
Your Product Or Service Over The Internet. An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy
Ensures That Your Business Is Positioned Prominently Online. This Increased Visibility
Makes It Easier For You To Attract New Customers And Grow Your Business In A
Digital-First World. Partner With Canopy Today And We’ll Help You Design A Digital
Marketing Strategy Aligned With Your Goals, Budget, And Timelines.

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Design a marketing strategy for a digital-first world.

Businesses that don’t adapt to online platforms risk becoming invisible to a large segment of the market. Moreover, traditional marketing methods often fall short in terms of targeted reach, engagement, and measurability. This can lead to wasted ad spend and missed growth opportunities. A complete digital marketing strategy can help you find success in the online world. If you’re ready to propel your business into a new era of growth and connectivity, let’s start creating your digital marketing strategy

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Predictive analytics deliver high-value customers wherever they’re located

We are first movers in audience targeting and proximity marketing

Canopy provides access to thousands of unique audience segments

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Digital marketing enables
personalized advertising
for improved engagement.

Generic marketing messages often fail to resonate with diverse audiences. This shotgun approach prevents you from connecting with your target audience on an emotional level. Digital marketing gives you the power of personalization. You can segment your digital ad campaigns and target your audience’s unique desires with tailored content. This personalized approach can create deeper connections, boost customer engagement, and increase retention rates.

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What are the benefits of Digital

Digital marketing excels in fostering genuine engagement with your target audience. Our data-
centric approach tailors your digital ad campaigns to align with your audience’s preferences and
desires. This approach strengthens customer loyalty, offers clear metrics to celebrate
successes, and provides valuable insights to optimize your digital marketing strategy. Take a look
below at the expansive benefits and strategic advantages digital marketing can offer your

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Expand Your Reach
Achieve higher return on investment by targeting customers with more precision.
Design Cost-Effective Campaigns
Digital advertising often delivers higher ROI and allows your business to achieve more with fewer resources.
Gain Insights With Measurable Results
Through analytics and data tools, you can track the success of campaigns in real time and make adjustments for optimal performance.
Target Your Campaigns With Precision
Precision targeting ensures that your marketing message reaches the right audience for increased conversion rates.
Build Lasting Customer Relationships
Platforms like social media allow instant consumer interactions, creating dynamic two-way communication.
Stay Flexible And Adaptive To The Market
Adapt swiftly to market changes and ensure your digital marketing strategy remains relevant and effective.

Excel in the online world with complete
digital marketing services.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics harnesses historical data to forecast future trends and enables you to make informed decisions.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM involves paid advertising on search engines to boost website visibility and drive targeted traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO refines website content and structure to achieve higher organic rankings on search engines and increase web traffic.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising leverages online platforms to display targeted ads to potential customers, enhancing your reach and engagement.

hear what our clients are saying

Nicole Rozsa
Managing Director of Marketing
Arrow Senior Living Management

The value of our partnership with Canopy is beyond words. They're not just consultants; they're collaborators who thrive on data and approach every challenge with a strategic, 'let's get it done' mindset." Our Account Manager, Kayla is like having a strategic partner in the…

Robin Visser
Director of Marketing and Digital Strategies
Christian Living Communities | Cappella Living Solutions

The Canopy team is very responsive. We frequently ask for more innovative and custom campaign ideas, and the team always comes back with great ideas that fit our target audience and we see the results.

April Brown
Director of Industry Recruitment and Expansion
Economic Development Coalition for Asheville-Buncombe County

Digital engagement is an important tool in our efforts to connect individuals experiencing significant barriers to employment with well-paying career opportunities. We appreciate Canopy’s support of our Inclusive Hiring Partners initiative and their efforts to help us reach area job seekers.

Matt Fehrmann
VP, Business Development

The Canopy team helps us achieve consistent and measurable results for our clients. They are highly intuitive, reliable and committed to providing great value

April LaMon
Lead InSite

We partner with Canopy because they yield consistently positive results for our clients. Engaging and converting the most qualified Senior Living leads requires a combination of dexterity, creativity and technological expertise, all of which they have in abundance.

Josh Lovelace
Director of Media Marketing
Times Citizen Communications

Partnering with Canopy yielded a significant and measurable increase in our previous Search and Keyword targeting strategy. In fact the results were so positive that we’ve now expanded our month-to-month campaign scope.

Andy Moderow
State Director
Alaska Wilderness League

Canopy helped us deliver a highly impressive 0.17% CTR by combining advanced Geofencing and Programmatic display in what was a very challenging campaign. The results speak for themselves.

Trevor Swenson
Marketing Director
Hammock Shops Village

A key objective was to generate consistent foot traffic for The Hammock Shops Village from summer 2020 through January 2021, which was a major campaign challenge due to Covid. Canopy’s campaign strategy combined Geofencing and Site Retargeting which resulted in more than 2.5k conversions.…

Mike Moss
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Cypress Living

Breaking through on Facebook is extremely challenging, but Canopy incorporated lookalike data and continuous campaign optimization to deliver nearly 45,000 ad impressions and approximately 1,400 unique clicks in less than a month.

Liz Simmons
Digital Marketing Manager
Brunk Auctions

A targeted digital strategy is essential when it comes to identifying consumer behaviors and engaging with new and traditional auction customers. Canopy has provided us with digital marketing technology that addresses our needs and the guidance to implement it effectively.

Wes Meltzer,
Director of Marketing and Communications
Westminster Communities of Florida

Our collaboration with Canopy and Zgraph generated a 57% Q1 year-over-year increase in organic traffic alone. Their ability to provide customized SEO solutions and keyword search optimization are genuinely impressive.

Sandra Szoke
Impact Marketing

We need a team that stays on the cusp of new digital developments while super-serving current campaigns with great attention to detail. That’s exactly what we get every day with Canopy.

Brooks Shelley
Chief Branding & Engagement Officer
Aldersgate LPC

Combining the diverse talents of Dupree Media, 3rdThird Marketing, Lead InSite, and Canopy has super-powered our online conversion capabilities and yielded tangible high-quality lead generation.

Heather Freemont
Senior Vice President, Marketing – Regional Director of Operations

Canopy is a remarkable agency and they know the healthcare industry. If you want a highly successful campaign you need the best. I highly recommend Canopy.

Jennifer Knecht
Director of Marketing
Immanuel Senior Living

We started out with three of our thirteen community’s digital strategies being run by the Canopy team. After several months of success, we decided to them run all thirteen of our community’s digital strategies.

Tracy McCoy
CEO & Founder
Get Fish Slapped! Marketing Agency

We’re now able to buy ads at a far better rate which means our clients get actual advertising with better results. We now offer a new level of services without outsourcing an entire digital team.

Hollie Walker
Vice President of Marketing
Arrow Senior Living Management

The Canopy team is laser focused on growing our business at scale. Our account manager regularly provides us with actionable campaign insights using the most relevant conversion data points. Canopy is cost effective while remaining consistently focused on delivering high-converting strategies.

Optimize your return on ad spend
with digital marketing.

Companies often allocate substantial resources to marketing channels that may not yield optimal results. These inefficiencies can diminish your return on advertising spend (ROAS) and make it challenging to justify marketing expenses. Digital marketing uses data-driven decision-making to direct budgets towards platforms with proven superior returns. This strategic approach ensures optimal resource allocation, fosters greater profitability, and provides your business with expansion opportunities.

Build a successful digital marketing
with Canopy.

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Real-time Insights Keeps You Adaptive to Market Changes

The power of real-time insights lies in its ability to provide your business with immediate data for ongoing campaigns and audience engagements.

Instead of relying on outdated information, your company can make informed decisions based on the current pulse of the market.

This approach allows for swift adjustments to digital marketing strategies to ensure relevance with evolving customer needs.

Leveraging real-time analytics enables your business to be proactive in addressing emerging market trends and opportunities.

Learn about High Potential Visitor tracking and the
Canopy advantage for your next Programmatic Display or
Geofencing campaigns.

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