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Campaign Provides New High Quality Leads

Annual increase in high potential visitor traffic
Annual increase in website form submissions
New leads per month

“Canopy helped us create a targeted campaign for a specific market group which rapidly delivered 2 of 3 new clients. In less than a year, we’ve seen more measurable results with Bobby’s team than his predecessors.”
Brooks Shelley, Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy – Aldersgate CCRC

Steps to Solve the problem, or achieve the goal or objective
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Step 1
  • Identify a high-value audience through demographic research and location-based targeting.
Step 2
  • Deliver trailored ads to relevant audiences that funneled them to Aldersgate’s website and landing pages.
Our result

Campaign KPIs included continuity and continuous campaign optimization, which attracted conversion ready prospects to Aldergate’s new website (Canopy/3rdThird).

Website form submissions increased a whopping 116% from the previous year.

In addition, Aldergate’s website now generates an average of 120 new leads per month vs. an average of 45 new leads per month.

In addition, the High Potential Visitor traffic increased 3% when compared to the previous year benchmarks leading this campaign to be a success.

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