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Maximizing Event Impact through Digital Event Targeting


We’d been looking for a company to help us broaden our digital marketing and Canopy has delivered strongly for us. From the very first event we used them for geofencing with a follow-up campaign they have delivered excellent results. Other companies offered much less for a much higher price. I can’t recommend Canopy highly enough and we look forward to working with them even more going forward!

Paul Krismanits, Marketing Director, Quartermaster Tax

Step 1
  • Canopy geofenced the Music City Center event locations, enabling real time attendee targeting. During each event, Canopy collected device data from attendees, facilitating targeted marketing efforts which took place after the event’s conclusion.
Step 2
  • Canopy ensured that all digital creatives aligned with Quartermaster’s brand identity and were optimized for mobile viewing. The company also incorporated relevant URLs to drive high-converting traffic to the client’s landing pages.
Step 3
  • Utilizing the collected IP addresses, Canopy continued to target event attendees for 30 days and employed tailored messaging to reinforce brand recall and prospect engagement.
Our result

Through strategic implementation of digital event targeting, Quartermaster successfully enhanced audience engagement during and after its events. By leveraging geofencing technology, they achieved 187,785 impressions, 463 clicks, and a 0.25% CTR. Maximizing the impact of their events and fostering lasting connections with attendees underscores the effectiveness of digital event targeting in driving tangible results for key marketing initiatives.

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