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Canopy Delivered Healthcare Recruiting Goals in A Highly Competitive Job Market

New website users
Users served targeted ads

“Canopy has met our needs in a very challenging environment…and staffing is now in a good place.”
Mike Demagall, VP, Population Health, and Business Development, Saber Healthcare Group

Steps to Solve the problem, or achieve the goal or objective
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Step 1
  • Targeting Geofencing locations and identify a high-value audience for Social Media Marketing.
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Step 2
  • Create content for Social Media Marketing and capture the Geofence audience with highly engaged content.
Step 3
  • Segment audience with A/B testing and dynamic ads.
Our result

Canopy was able to achieve a successful recruitment and campaign optimization by deploying Addressable and Competitive Geofencing as well as Social Media Marketing.

These strategies resulted in:

  • More than 1M impressions
  • a 0.17% CTR
  • 4,000 new website visitors
  • 1,500 users were served ads
  • 300 engaged on social media posts
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