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Convert Hard to Reach Prospects with Audience Retargeting

Delivered CTR
Delivered 15 new high value leads
Steps to Solve the problem, or achieve the goal or objective
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Campaign Audience Retargeting identifies and engages prospects that have already viewed a campaign.

The retargeting audience segment comes from a previous campaign where prospects have been served an impression.

Canopy’s end goal was to reach the users that had not originally converted through a click and/or a call and to encourage them to re-engage and eventually convert.

Step 1
  • Identify the prospects that have viewed the campaign.
Step 2
  • Serve those prospects the retargeted ads to serve more customers to Swedish Solutions.
Our result

Canopy was able to provide a successful audience retargeting campaign for Swedish Solutions.

We began with the implementation of a BMW audience retargeting campaign.

It had the highest CTR out of all the other display campaigns and delivered a 0.44% CTR.

This metric is especially impactful given that the average campaign CTR had measured 0.25%.

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