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Segmenting the Washington Post Audience To Maximize Engagement

Highly-engaged retargeted petition visitors
100% of KPIs were met through setting higher bid caps
Improved engagement over-delivered a 0.18% CTR
Steps to Solve the problem, or achieve the goal or objective
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Step 1

Identify and Engage A High-Value Audience Through Retargeting

  • Canopy retargeted the Washington Post’s April client Forest Campaign Earth Day petition audience and then delivered a followup, high-converting display site retargeting campaign in May.
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Step 2

Deploy Campaign Optimizations

  • A higher bid cap stabilized impressions in the early days of the launch which allowed Canopy to retarget a wider user base with 100% of KPIs were met. 
  • Campaign optimization gave us the ability to win competitive bids on high-traffic websites which matched our partner’s most valued audience.
Our results
  • Canopy targeted 2,000 petition visitors, increasing their awareness of Alaska Wilderness League and over-delivered a 0.18% CTR.
  • Continuous optimization reduced costs and delivered a highly coveted, brand-loyal audience.
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